All Star Superman type origin for Batman!

I know we are all great admirers of the opening one page/four panel Superman origin from All Star Superman.
One night, as I lay awake in bed unable to sleep, I began to write one for Batman. Months later, I finally had time to draw and color it. As proud as I am of my attempt to capture Grant Morrison's and Frank Queitly's simplistic yet revealing origin for Batman, I found myself a bit unsatisfied.

I began to wonder how my many comic making friends would create a similar page for Batman…or for other great characters.
My mind raced with thoughts of a similar one page/four panel Aquaman origin drawn by Dean Trippe.
Perhaps a Shazam by Mike Maihack. Dare I dream of a Plastic Man by Evan "Doc" Shaner?

The possibilities are endless (or at least numerous and wonderful).

I have posted this in hopes to enlist you in making these pieces of art happen.
If you are interested in seeing such a thing, just pick a character and start drawing! And please spread the word of the "one page with four panels (each containing a two word caption) challenge" to the comic book creating community. A friend of mine has refereed to this challenge as slapping a character with a two by four. You can call it whatever you'd like.

And in case you've somehow never seen it, here's the Superman page from All Star Superman.

Jason Horn makes comics. Here's his webcomic, Ninjasaur.

Gruff Chapter Four

At long last, here's the cover image for Gruff chapter 4. It will debut at Baltimore Comic-Con. If you'd like a copy just paypal me $6.00 at newjasonhorn at gmail dot com.

I'm alive


I'm knee deep in attempting to finish the next Gruff by HeroesCon. But I am alive. I've also been working on three other comics. So there's that too.

This is me and the amazing Guy Davis at Staple. He is holding a mini-bust that I sculpted for him of his Marquis character (he loved it!)
Check it out on his blog here:

Staple was a blast! Thanks to everyone that dropped by.


Hey, everyone. Sorry for the ever infrequent posts. I've either been working on comics...or I've just been too lazy to post. BUT here's a page from my last issue of Gruff (without the lettering). This is from chapter three. I'm currently working on chapter 4 as you read this. I've thumbnailed out the entire 25 pages of chapter 4 and have already written chapter 5. I think I will collect the first three or four chapters in one book to sell at the cons next year.

If you're interested in picking up any of the first four chapters just drop me a line in the comments. I will gladly give you my comics for money. I can then use the money for food or other fun things. Thanks!